Humans of T4 December 5, 2019

Officer Almog of CBP

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At Terminal 4, we are continuously striving to find new ways to show our appreciation for our employees. Our series,  Humans of T4 takes pride in honoring all employees who work in the terminal by highlighting inspirational and heartwarming stories of those who make up the T4 family. We invite you to follow along! 

Officer Almog - CBP

 Although he has been working with CBP for 13 years and only with T4 for the last few years, Officer Almog is proud to call T4 his second home. He loves the Employee Appreciation Day and holiday treats that JFKIAT sets up every year. 

“Although it’s sometimes hectic and busy and you get flights from all over the world, everything still works really well. I work with diplomats and one time had a passenger who lost both passports – Israeli and American." he recalls. "I sent her to the office and we checked after contacting an airline representative. I took her phone number and I asked the supervisor to double check with a flashlight. Sure enough, the passports were in the slats between the chair and panel of the plane. A technician had to remove the chair and get them. The passenger was so happy she wanted to hug me.”

T4 Tip

T4 Tip

T4 is a work of art. Really! You’ll find our private collection of world-class paintings, sculptures, and mobiles on display throughout the terminal.