Humans of T4 November 19, 2019

Officer Guerra of CBP

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At Terminal 4, we are continuously striving to find new ways to show our appreciation for our employees. Our series,  Humans of T4 takes pride in honoring all employees who work in the terminal by highlighting inspirational and heartwarming stories of those who make up the T4 family. We invite you to follow along! 

Officer Simplice, Supervisor- CBP

For Officer Guerra, the officers in T4 are a family who work as a unit. If he can’t communicate with somebody, one of his colleagues or an airlines employee can help. 

The dedication of CBP officers in Terminal 4 is heartwarming. “We had a passenger who was around 75-years old who said she came on a bus from Jamaica and didn’t know why she was here. We tried calling some phone numbers, but none worked, so we reached out to the airline and were eventually able to reach her husband who said she was supposed to connect to get on a flight to California, but she had early onset dementia. She thought she was just going to go outside into New York City, but she would’ve be lost and her family would have never know where she went. All of this took about 45 minutes and Delta eventually took her to her next flight. Her husband called back and thanked us for helping her.” 


T4 Tip

T4 Tip

T4 is a work of art. Really! You’ll find our private collection of world-class paintings, sculptures, and mobiles on display throughout the terminal.