Humans of T4 November 12, 2019

Michael Jordan of Allied Universal

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At Terminal 4, we are continuously striving to find new ways to show our appreciation for our employees. Our series,  Humans of T4 takes pride in honoring all employees who work in the terminal by highlighting inspirational and heartwarming stories of those who make up the T4 family. We invite you to follow along! 

 Michael Jordan–Traffic Manager,  Allied Universal  

While working in security for over 40 years, Michael has only been at T4 for six months and has learned to love it.

“When I came here there was more of an opportunity to meet people. T4 is a happy terminal. The CEO is a guy who gives you good feelings. He treats you like a normal person and I like working here just for that.” says Jordan. 

T4 Tip

T4 Tip

T4 is a work of art. Really! You’ll find our private collection of world-class paintings, sculptures, and mobiles on display throughout the terminal.