*T4* Safe Travel Resource Center

What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe

During these times of COVID-19 the health and safety of our employees and passengers is our highest priority. Therefore, we have implemented several terminal-wide initiatives to make your experience at Terminal 4 as clean, sanitary, and contactless as possible.

To help ensure your health and safety, we encourage you to S.M.I.L.E. at T4, watch our video and explore the resources below.

S.M.I.L.E. at *T4*

  • Social Distance
    Social Distance

    Please allow for extra space

  • Mask

    Cover your mouth and nose with a mask

  • Inform

    Find tips and information for traveling safely at: jfkt4.nyc/covid19

  • Lather

     Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 

  • Encourage

     Motivate others to take these simple steps and keep everyone safe

Terminal 4 Hours and Locations of Access

Due to COVID-19, entry to terminal 4 has been restricted to certain hours and locations.

Nightly from Midnight to 4am, entry is ONLY permitted at the following access points:

  • Arrivals Level: Follow the red arrows on the first floor
  • AirTrain Platform: East entrance on the third floor
  • Departures Level: Door #2 on the fourth floor
  • Employee Screening: West screening area

Protecting Us & You

Limiting Terminal Access

We’ve restricted terminal access to ticketed passengers and people with terminal business.

Mask Requirement

People entering the terminal are required to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.

Daily Temperature Screening

All JFKIAT employees are required to have a temperature screening before they start work.

New Policies and Procedures

Employees that are sick are required to stay home and encouraged to visit a medical professional.

Increased Cleaning

More Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

We’ve installed over 100 hand sanitizer and wipes dispensers across the terminal.

Increased Cleaning with Advanced Anti-virus Methods

High touch surfaces are cleaned more frequently using advanced electrostatic spraying to thoroughly disinfect areas.

Filtered Air Circulation

To improve air quality in the terminal, T4 ventilation systems use filters that are commonly used in hospitals to remove airborne contaminants.

Baby Changing Liners

The restroom baby changing tables now have a convenient disposable liner dispenser.

Social Distancing

Monitoring Congested Areas

We’re using real-time technology to monitor and manage the number of passengers in the queues and other areas.

Protective Shields 

We’ve installed 150 plexiglass shields at check-in counters and other areas of interaction between employees and passengers.

Signs to Keep a Safe Distance

We’ve installed signs and floor decals in the queues and other areas that help everyone keep a safe distance.

Contactless Experience

Pay Without Signature 

Many of our retailers have increased the threshold for debit and credit card signatures, so you don’t have to sign when you pay.

Scan Your Items and Grab Receipt

Many of our retail stores allow you to scan your items for purchase and grab the receipt without any staff contact.

Touchless Water Bottle Filling 

We’ve replaced water fountains with touchless water bottle filing stations.

T4 Safe Travel Tips

T4 Tip

T4 Tip

Visiting the U.S. from abroad? Be sure to have your host’s full street address on hand (i.e. not in a suitcase) to complete the immigration paperwork.