COVID-19: At Terminal 4

  • Is Terminal 4 Open? Are there any restrictions?

    Terminal 4 is open and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At this time, the A-concourse has been closed and all flights are operating from the B-concourse. 

    Access to the terminal is restricted to ticketed passengers and individuals on official airport business only. Nightly from 7pm – 4am, entry is permitted only at: 1st floor arrivals hall, 3rd floor AirTrain platform – west entrance and 4th floor departure level, door #2. 

  • What airlines are still operating from Terminal 4?

    Many of the airlines that operate from Terminal 4 have suspended international and domestic flights and reduced service. If you have a question about your flight contact your airline directly at least 72 hours in advance or check your flight status on our website.

  • What is Terminal 4 doing to keep passengers and employees safe?

    With the help of the CDC and governing agencies, JFKIAT has ensured its staff and the T4 community know the symptoms of the virus and how best to avoid it using good sanitary practices. The environment is fluid and trends are changing quickly, but we are well positioned to manage this challenge and are taking the necessary measures to keep everyone in T4 safe and healthy.We have taken the following precautions in order to keep passengers and employees safe:

    • Increased the cleaning routine and frequency within T4 to highly trafficked and touched areas to 3-4 times a shift, such as escalator handrails, elevators, kiosks and keypads.
    • Expanded cleaning frequency in the bathrooms and FIS areas to an hourly basis.
    • Utilized only EPA-approved cleaning solutions.
    • Increased employee training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
    • Expanded education and outreach for employees.
    • Added hand sanitizing stations throughout the terminal.
  • Is Terminal 4 accepting flights from other countries or U.S. cities?

    Terminal 4 is accepting flights from destinations that are not restricted by the Federal Government. However, many airlines operating at Terminal 4 have suspended international and domestic flights and reduced service, so please contact your air carrier directly at least 72 hours in advance of your flight.

  • What are the current U.S. travel restrictions?

    Travel restrictions mandated by the U.S. federal government include:

  • What is the COVID-19 screening process for international passengers?

    All decisions regarding the screening of international passengers arriving in the U.S. are made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The international arrivals process changes frequently and may be slightly different for every passenger depending upon their itinerary or health status. 

    To help prevent the spread of travel-related cases of coronavirus in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a notice of arrival restrictions outlining the process for American citizens, legal permanent residents, and their immediate families who are returning home after recently visiting high-risk countries 

    For international travel information, please visit and the CBP web site.

T4 Tip

T4 Tip

T4 is a work of art. Really! You’ll find our private collection of world-class paintings, sculptures, and mobiles on display throughout the terminal.