News May 3, 2019

Terminal 4 Launches Aira Access for Blind and Low Vision Travelers

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Travelers who are blind or have low vision can use Aira’s visual interpretation service to access live agents on demand for assistance when navigating the terminal.

John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4, one of the world’s most modern and efficient airport terminals, recently announced it is the first airport terminal in the New York City area to launch Aira Access. The innovative service will provide passengers who are blind or have low vision with instant access to enhanced visual information and real-time service to navigate Terminal 4 and have a stress-free airport experience. 

Through Aira Access, passengers can use a smartphone app to connect with an agent, who uses the video stream from the phone’s camera, GPS, and other web data to provide visual descriptions on demand. Aira Access enables people who are blind or have low vision to freely and confidently move through crowds, avoid obstacles and arrive at their desired locations on time. Passengers can also use Aira Access to check flight status, find gates and luggage, use self-service kiosks, navigate through TSA checkpoints, and locate restaurants and retail services.

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T4 Tip

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