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Careers at JFKIAT

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6-Month Operations Internship

Main Job Responsibilities:

• Manages the passenger queues in the Customs and Border Patrol, TSA Security Checkpoint  and Check-in areas, including but not limited to, managing social distancing, ensuring  continuous flow of passengers through each process, screening for non-ticketed passengers,  and crowd control.

• Trained and assigned to work as a Terminal Supervisor

• Monitors and coordinates all functions related to landside terminal operations. 

• Liaison with airline customers and government agencies.

• Responds to incidents/accidents as needed.

• Provides customer service and promotes a safe environment for passengers and employees.

 • Request service calls as needed for maintenance/cleanliness/IT issues. 

• Manages/executes daily operational plans.

• Initiates and receives communications via telephone/radio/computerized systems, and takes  appropriate action as dictated by standard procedures and as required by terminal staff. 

• Supervise, direct, monitor daily performance, and work in coordination with outsourced  contracted staff.

• Conducts daily performance evaluations/inspections.

• Maintains appropriate records of activity.

• Supports management staff as needed.

Job Requirements:

• Open to students enrolled and attending classes during the internship.  

• Juniors and Seniors are preferred.

• Ability to prioritize, track, and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Ability to function well under stressful conditions.

• Computer competency and ability to learn operation of Information Technology (IT) systems in  a changing technical environment.

• Administrative skills, including timely follow-up and reporting.

• Pro-active and self-motivating approach.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Professional demeanor and appearance.

• Able to pass medical screening and background checks for obtaining airport ID.

Additional Information:

• Requires working an 8.5-hour shift

• Morning shifts start at 5AM and 6AM

• Afternoon shifts start at 1PM and 2PM

• Shift and days off will be based upon academic schedule

• Must be able to work a minimum of 4 days per week

• Must be able to work a Saturday or Sunday per week


• Salary for paid internships is $20.00 per hour.

This information is subject to change at any time.

Submit all resumes and inquiries to [email protected] with the subject heading of Operations  Internship.

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