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Welcome to the page of JFKIAT where we like to share information around our Procurement processes. JFKIAT strives to be recognized as having a world-class Procurement system (process) that delivers the best value to our customers & to optimally procure goods & services at terms that meet our budget, schedules, and guidelines.

Our mission is to:

  • Procure goods and services in a timely manner that meet the business needs of our customers.
  • Use and promote Procurement policies and practices that are ethical, efficient, innovative, & supportive. 
  • Collaborate with and be accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Consistently deliver excellent customer service and continually improve Procurement operations. 

The Procurement policy ensures a standard approach to Procurement management and the consistent use of procedures governing the process by which materials and services are procured and administered.

Procurement Procedures 

a.     Competitive Bidding
Competitive bids for goods and services are required over $25,000. 

At least three written bids must be solicited for purchases exceeding $25,000. Bids are not required in cases where the source of supply is an existing contract or a sole-source vendor. In any instance where three bids are not made due to sole sourcing or an existing contract, such justifications should be documented and retained on file.  

b.     Sole Source Justification
In cases where a purchase valued above $25,000 cannot be competitively bid, it is necessary that a justification be provided with the Purchase Order when it is submitted to CFO & President and CEO for approval. A vendor is considered a Sole Source in cases where only one product can meet the specification described by the requester and only one vendor can provide that product. A Sole Source Justification document should include enough detail to fully defend the position that a substitution of product or supplier is not possible.

c.     Changes to Purchase Orders
A revised Purchase Order is required in cases where significant variances over 5K or 10% in specification, quantity or cost exist. This can be approved by the appropriate VP. In cases where the item is not budgeted, a written request shall be e-mailed to the CFO & President and CEO to begin the process.

d.     Certificates of Insurance 
Contract Owners are responsible for securing Certificates of Insurance for internal review from vendors and suppliers pursuant to JFKIAT standard contract terms.

e.     Purchase based on Contracts 
In addition to Procurement utilizing PO, JFKIAT has entered into contracts for goods or services which include required and approved terms and conditions.  

Diversity classifications include: Minority, Small Business, Women Owned and Disadvantaged business enterprises. MWBE stands for Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise and is a business that is at least 51% Minority or Women owned, operated and controlled.

The environmental performance of the supply chain is promoted using environmentally preferable products while also adhering to the principals of price, performance and availability. 

To access Procurement opportunities with JFKIAT, register on our site directory. Registering gives JFKIAT the ability to communicate with Companies directly.


For procurement submissions and inquiries, please email [email protected].

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